Matsalu Creative Space prices – summer 2019

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Events at Matsalu Creative Space:

  • Renting the Workshop (the big house) for daytime events – 200 €*

The price includes the use of the Workshop for a daily or evening event without accommodation. The price does not include the use of the Distillery nor the use of the sauna. The price does not include cleaning.

  • Renting the whole Matsalu Creative Space for a 24h event* – 784 €/24h

The price includes the use of the Workshop, the territory of the Creative Space and accommodation for up to 20 people at camping houses (incl bed linen and towels) and the use of sauna. Extra places at camping houses €15/person (up to 15 places); sleeping in tents - €8/person. Possibility to rent Kodade Cottage house (up to 10 places, price on agreement). The use of Distillery on agreement. The price does not include cleaning.

Additional options:

  • Renting the distillery – 20€/hour

  • 4-people cabin – 85 €/night (up to 2 extra people, 15 €/person) – 2 cabins in total

  • 2-people cabin – 44€/night (up to 2 extra people, 15 €/person) – 6 cabins in total

  • Camping on the territory (with own tents): 8€/person

  • Sauna – 70€/sauna session of 2,5 hours

  • Lunch (on previous request)  - 10€/person, minimum group of 10 people

  • Breakfast – 8€/person, minimum group of 7 people

*In case of big events we require a deposit of 200€ from our guests which we are more than happy to return in case the Creative Space is returned to us unharmed and cleaned.

If your event is special or for a longer period then feel free to write us at with your request.

We expect nice and neat attitude from our guests. We keep the right not to rent our premises for events which do not go along with our aims and values