About Matsalu Creative Space

Matsalu Creative Space is a visiting, event and community centre in Matsalu Nature Park. Just a few steps from Salevere Salumägi hiking trail

The Creative Space territory has:

  • Workshop – a large open space for concerts, exhibitions, trainings, ceremonies. About 65 people fit here to dine, a few hundred to stand and rock. There is a spacious kitchen in the workshop – perfect for cooking events!

  • Distillery – small limestone building with a very high chimney! Now an applied art and souvenir shop. Also suits well for a romantic afternoon coffee on a rainy day.

  • 5  new camping houses for up to 20 people (+ about 20 extra spots). There is a lot of space for camping

  • Shower and sauna house. NB! We have eco-friendly dry toilets only!

  • Spacious outer territory for camping, activities and just chilling. The nature is our yard, but also features terrace, grill and hammocks (extra nice!)

  • Incredible silence, fresh air and pure nature!

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Matsalu Creative Space is perfect for:

  • One-day or multiple day events, trainings, workshops, concerts (you name it!)

  • Celebrations, personal festivities 

  • Events and workshops themed around nature and creativity are especially welcome!

  • We provide accommodation and catering and can help to organise your event

Some memories from our past events