Organise your team outing, workshop or other event at Matsalu Creative Space.

Surrounded by grove forest, Matsalu Creative Space is nice and private with lots of space for different workshops and team events. We are great for events of 15-20 people but we can accommodate up to 40 people overnight. During day, up to 70 can attend and find a comfortable sitting spot. A few hundred people can attend a standing event.


Why organise your event at Matsalu Creative Space?

The territory of Matsalu Creative Space is big enought to find corners and sitting spots for group work, adventurous games or just being lazy. A secret path leads to magical Salevere Salumägi hiking trail.

Workshop with history from 19th century is suitable for gatherings even if it rains. Workshops, meditation retreats, heated discussions, cooking trainings, silk painting courses and even weddings have taken place here. Our guests can sleep in our simple but cozy cabins, named after some common birds of our area.

Eco-toilets and shower rooms are in separate buildings and for sharing. Old distillery with its impressive tall chimney is nice to look at and currently hosts an applied arts gallery.

Do you feel that Matsalu Creative Space is the right place for your event?

Write us with your thoughts and let’s plan it together. We are happy to share our previous experience and give tips on how to entertain your guests. We also offer tasty food, guided tours and a boat ride. Let’s put together the event programme that suits your needs the best.


“Matsalu Creative Space is an ideal place if you wish to get your team out of the daily routine. Being here is freespirited and unpretentious. The nature of Matsalu has a special aura which takes you along - ride a bike, walk, go by the seaside or between fields, seek rare plants or watch birds. I recommend taking at least two-three days to stay here. It is a good investment.”

Jane Oblikas

Design thinker

“This place is a perfect fit for silk painting workshops. The nature and the place itself support creation. Of course, tasty food and comfortable accommodation also play a role. There is every opportunity to meditate with brush and colour. Salevere is a good place to turn oneself off from the daily routine. This applies both to my workshop participants as well as for me as a teacher.”

Ilme Rätsep

Silk painter


Vabad ajad loovkojas