Hike with us on the bird and animal trails of the Matsalu Nature Park or find your creativity and Matsalu Creative Space.

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Silk painting workshop taught by Ilme Rätsep (in Estonian) (June 25. – 27. ) 


Ilme Rätsep is back at Matsalu Creative Space to teach silk painting to everyone interested. Each participant will be thoroughly guided to come up with their very own silk shawl.

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Join us for a hike

Hike on Salevere Salumägi


We hike on Salevere Salumägi for 1,5 – 2 hours (1,5km trail) and get to know this historic and nature pearl of West-Estonia.

We talk about plants and trees growing at Salumägi, walk along the ancient fortress wall and visit the mythical “eye spring”.

A boat tour at Kasari river


Boat ride on Kasari river lasts two to three hours and will take you to places where one is not even permitted to walk. You can see up close water birds and coastal birds of Matsalu. If you are lucky then you may even get a close look at birds who are otherwise quite hidden! Do not miss your chance to go on the boat tour during the spring and autumn bird migration time when the birding scene is especially lively! 



Matsalu national park is one of the best known places to observe migratory birds. Every spring and autumn one can observe the life of thousands of birds here. We are situated at the southern edge of the national park. One doesn’t have to even go out of our territory to be impressed by birds flying over, nesting in the grove forest bushes or staying on nearby fields.

Our usual residents are also roe deer, foxes, hare and sometimes even elks. We are a favourite spot for nature photographers, birdwatchers and hikers because the wonders of nature are always around the corner here.


What is there for you?

Silence and serene nature are an empowering source of creativity and looking into oneself. Participating at events at Matsalu Creative Space you feel that you have been given a special opportunity to live in the same rhythm with the nature and enjoy the present moment. A lot of what is taking place at the Creative Space is outside. We have now understood that it is not so usual after all. Observing the weather change you also start observing yourself. Every change – be it rain, storm or sunshine – is a reason for happiness. Whatever journey is there for you at the Creative Space, you feel that this environment is supporting you well.


Would you like to organise your event at our place? You are welcome to organise a workshop, retret or any other kind of important event. We are especially fond of calm, nature and creativity oriented events.


Would you like to discoved Matsalu with us? We can organise a day, two or more in the most special places of Matsalu for you. Together with our experienced tour guide you will see all the important birds, mushrooms, bog trails and secret beaches. Every year and season is different. Write us about your ideal trip and let us make a plan.